[clug] Add. infos to last night's talk

Rainer Klein rklein at tpg.com.au
Fri Feb 24 04:18:22 GMT 2006

In following up to our last night's talk, here are the related product links:

Wikipedia entry:

Home page of VYM - Vie Your Mind:

Home page of Kdissert:


And for the Desktop Edition of the MoinMoin Wiki -

Home Page:


To download the software (2 MB):
To see a list of available Add-Ons, such as: 

	Action, Formatter, Filters, Macros, Parsers, Processors,Script & Templates:


Here is what I had to do to get it up and running on my Linux Box. - I 
installed the software in my home directory, so please adjust your path 
according to your own need.

 1. Fetch the software 

  # cd ~

  # wget \ 

  ( This is a direct URL to an Australian mirror - See resource section for 
other download options)

 2. Unpack the software

  # unzip $(ls moin-desktop*.zip)

 3. Start the server

  # ~/moin-desktop/moin.py &

 4. Point your browser to the following URL and start using your new Wiki 


'''Note:''' If you like to start your Wiki system automatically everytime you 
log into your account, check for a file named '.profile' within your home 
directory and add the following lines at the end of the file:

# Start the Moin-Desktop service
test -x ~/moin-desktop/moin.py && ~/moin-desktop/moin.py &


Rainer Klein		

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