[clug] Server components

Steve Granger steveg at magtech.com.au
Wed Feb 15 02:42:48 GMT 2006


This is a bit off topic though some of you might be interested in it and 
maybe able to give me some help.

I'm looking for a 2U-3U rack case to house 6-8 hot swapable SCSI SAS 15k 
Maxtor Atlas 147GB disks in a RAID 5 configuration.

I would prefer to go with some AMD opterons but don't really care about 
CPU's as disk access is my main concern.

I've been looking for someone in Australia to provide such an option but 
haven't come across anything with the explict
SAS, RAID 5, Hot Swap, to suit the 15k Maxtor Atlas HD, 6-8 disks.

This is similiar to what I would like, though with an SAS back plane



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