[clug] computer fair tv tuner cards

Leigh Purdie intersect at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 23:22:44 GMT 2006

May not be available from the computer markets, but I'd recommend the
Ultraview DVB-Plus.
Just under 200 bucks, so it's a bit pricy, but it definitely works under
Linux, and performs very well under mythtv.

Here's some more info / setup instructions:

BTW: Digital tuner cards don't need mpeg encode/decode onboard, as digital
streams are already in native mpeg format.



On 2/11/06, RacHagema at netscape.net <RacHagema at netscape.net> wrote:
> I'm looking at buying a tv tuner card from the computer fairs on Saturday,
> all the ones I've seen lack hardware acceleration.
> Can anyone recommend a good digital tv tuner card, preferably one that is
> available from the computer markets on Saturdays?
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