[clug] February CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Feb 7 23:56:25 GMT 2006

A future PSIG request (for someone in the know to deliver :-)

How about a session on how to turn random little C program x into a
full open-source acceptable project, including setting up automake,
configure, regression testing, etc. etc.?


Bob Edwards (who has just written yet another little utility in C and
wants to learn how to turn it into a real project for others to use).

Steve Walsh wrote:
> We have a winner!!
> Tridge (Andrew Tridgell) has offered to talk about adding transactions to
> tdb.
> Background;
> For those who don't know, tdb is the little database inside Samba, and
> recently he's added transactions to it, to allow for rollback and make
> it crash safe. That raised some interesting problems with fsync(),
> msync() and undo logs, plus techniques for avoiding a separate
> transaction file.
> Aaron Seigo from KDE recently showed some interest in incorporating
> this stuff into KDE (via ldb), and Tridge has done some optimisations to tdb
> to make this practical. Tridge will (hopefully) discuss the problems Aaron
> hit and how
> they were fixed.
> Hope to see you at Pancakes. Look for the PSIG Penguin sign at the bottom of
> the stairs.
> Steve

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