[clug] February CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Tue Feb 7 03:40:49 GMT 2006


 > Currently there are no talks scheduled. Would anyone like to volunteer?

I'd be happy to talk about adding transactions to tdb if anyone is

For those who don't know, tdb is the little database inside Samba, and
recently I've added transactions to it, to allow for rollback and make
it crash safe. That raised some interesting problems with fsync(),
msync() and undo logs, plus techniques for avoiding a separate
transaction file.

Aaron Seigo from KDE recently showed some interest in incorporating
this stuff into KDE (via ldb), and I've done some optimisations to tdb
to make this practical. I could discuss the problems Aaron hit and how
they were fixed.

Cheers, Tridge

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