[clug] CLUG bigpond authentication problem

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 07:03:25 GMT 2006

anyone able to advise on issues authenticating to bigpond dialup?
I'm in the middle of setting up a laptop (ADSL @ home) and I can dial
to them but continually fail to authenticate.
I've actually setup a mates bigpond dialup with a minimum of fuss but
this laptop has me stumped.
I've tried many things and can provide logs if required.
any advice appreciated

by ipxodi (156633) on Tuesday August 23, @07:47AM (#13378220)
Duct tape is one of the sacred triumvirate of the Most Important Tools
in the World. Use the Tool Triumvirate thusly:
1) If it moves and it shouldn't -- use Duct Tape.
2) If it doesn't move and it should -- use WD-40.
3) If it should sometimes move -- use Velcro.

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