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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
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Michael Cohen <michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au> wrote:
> Perhaps. I would argue that the average person doesnt really want to copy
> anything anyway, Its the pirates that flog off thousands of copies in asia that
> do, and they would have the resources and inclination to break it anyway - the
> effort that goes into DRM is misguided.

And this is the real indicator of the purpose of DRM - it won't stop the
large-scale piracy. However, it will force you to re-purchase your
iTunes library periodically (say, if you're a good Apple customer and
replace your PowerBook frequently). Cory Doctorow was a good Apple
customer (he has the Apple logo tattooed on his bicep!):


Now he's Making the Move, or so he intended six months ago:


I can't find any more recent updates.

So, what's the real reason for DRM? It makes the average Joe spend more
money for the same music, as he's not knowledgable enough to get around it.

If you can't rip a CD, you have to buy music for your MP3 player or
computer seperately (each, if it's DRM locked to either device) from the
music for your home CD player. Also, if the original is damaged through
normal use or abuse, you have no backup and have to purchase it again.

It'll be like the vinyl -> CD upgrade windfall all over again, forever.
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