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Two Questiones.

1. If you were a normal PC user and you went into a shop were there were
types ofPCs'.

One had the trusted computing hardware in it and the other didn't. The
"Trusted" is more expensive because the extra development
required to design and build it forces the price up. The other is cheaper
because it uses standard hardware design and development. 

You ask the PFY sales dude what the difference is and he answers "The
Trusted one stops you from copying your DVDs and CDs, and is the only one
that will runs windows and is more expensive because of that. The other
one runs Linux is faster, because it doesnt have all the encryption
overheads, and is much cheaper because you are not paying for the extra
hardware stuff to make it "Trusted" and you don't have to pay
for the software that runs on it."  

Which one would you buy?

That is how I think the Linux community needs to push. Or am I in a dream

2. Is the "Trusted Computing" term used to make people think
that the PC can be trust to keep your data safe? Because quite frankly I
can only see it keeping the Music/Software and Hollywood industries data
safe. I honestly can see how it will make the  user feel any

shrug. I am but a  number in a world of paranoid business man who
"know" I am out to make then go bust.

Quick Quiz, Which was the last entertainment or software business that
actually made a true loss in profits (not a reduction but an income that
fell below the production costs) that can be directly attributed to

First with a correct answer gets my praise.

Be well all


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