[clug] Free Stuff

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Dec 26 03:29:31 GMT 2006

Yes, it's the "Steve can't be arsed packing this crap" clearance!

I've got the following systems up for grabs, but get in quick, if they aren't 
tagged by Thursday, they're out the door and into the skip (you then have 2 days 
to go through the skip to get them out again).

We Have;

1 x Athlon 750Mhz Midi-Tower (Alpha CPU cooler), a random amount of ram & HDD

1 x P3 667Mhz Midi-tower with random amounts of RAM and HDD

1 x P3 1Ghz IPEX desktop ram & HDD as above

1 x P3 550Mhz Midi Tower ram & HDD as above

1 x "De-gloved" (ie - no outer case) Linksys WRT-54G AP

1 x Sun 21" monitor (presumed working, but no 13w-3 cable to test with).

2 x Socket 370 Boards with CPU and 64Mb Ram.

1 x Canon BJ-4310 Printer (unknown workiness level)

Contact me off list if you want any of it.


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