[clug] liquid cooling systems

Leo Kliger lkliger at bigpond.net.au
Sun Dec 10 23:25:25 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I am currently wondering whether I should start cooling my systems with
liquid. I've currently got me eye on the Thermaltake Rocket....

Problems are:-

- I have never cooled PC's with liquid and so know nothing about good or
bad ones.... the online PC reviews aren't helping.
- I can't seem to find anything about effective operating environments,
ie. How hot the space surrounding the PC can be before something like
the Rocket can no longer effectively dissipate heat....

So my questions are:-

- Is anyone in the ACT already using liquid cooling systems - especially
in non-air conditioned environments?

- What type, brands and models are being used?

- What sort of experiences are out there - good or bad?

- Are there any suppliers in the A.C.T. of such devices?

- If there is no one in the A.C.T. then who outside the region actually
keeps stock?

Any feedback, thoughts, opinions would be great.



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