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Rousak, Boris Boris.Rousak at industry.gov.au
Fri Dec 1 00:25:38 GMT 2006

I have recently had a play with an i-mate jam (02 mini). I found the
phone/pda functionality rather good, although the photo button on the
side got pressed accidentally once too often :) But then I went to
forums.xda-developers.com (I think) and found that for there are a whole
bunch of free linux images available for download for xdas, xda minis,
etc. I didn't get the chance to try them at the time, but it is
definatly on my to-do list. 

So if you are after a programming experience and not just a phone
experience it could be worth considering ;)

Needless to say doing this will void any kind of warranty you have


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Thanks Jacinta - that dicussion was useful. Boils down to:
  - do I really need a PDA/Phone or would 2 separate devices
	be better
  - if a combined device, the Treo or O2 (WinCE!) are good but
	neither are Linux
  - if I can wait a little longer (I can't), then the Moko or
	the Qtopia would be good Linux-based PDA/phones

I'll go out and look at what a Treo 650 costs in Canberra and may end up
with a simple GSM phone and a seperate PDA (although I liked one
respondent's observation that carrying two power adaptors around the
place is a pain - might opt for something I can charge from my USB


Bob Edwards.

Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> Robert (Bob) Edwards wrote:
>> I'm looking for a phone that has good PDA functionality, preferably 
>> even a full alphabet keyboard and that works well with Linux
>> I would even prefer one that actually runs Linux as it's native O/S.
>> Oh, and a good, robust keyboard would also be an advantage.
> There was a good discussion about this topic on SLUG recently:
>     http://lists.slug.org.au/archives/slug/2006/11/msg00121.html
> The idea that got me most excited was the OpenMoko phone, although at 
> this stage it still might just be vapourware:
>     http://www.openmoko.com/
>     http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35590 (A truly 
> open Linux phone with GPS debuts)
> All the best,
>     J

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