[clug] Update to the CLUG iCal calendar

Blaz Segavac blazs at netspeed.com.au
Mon Aug 21 12:57:23 GMT 2006

Hi Steve,

steve jenkin wrote:
> Blaz Segavac wrote on 20/8/06 7:51 PM:
> My copy of iCal shows meetings in Dec (specifically 28th).  Is this
> correct?
I see what you mean...the date isn't official or anything like that,
it's just where the 4th Thursday in December falls as a repeating
event.  I suppose the CLUG as a group will decide what to do for
December come closer to the time.  Once I know what is going I'll update
the calendar accordingly, just like I do once I find out what is going
on for each meeting, and if you're subscribed to the calendar you should
get the updates the next time your calendar programs checks for an update.


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