[clug] Re: Software Freedom Day

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Tue Aug 15 12:00:19 GMT 2006

I'm hoping to help out on SFD, this year, at the computer fair. I was
hoping of adding my name to the list on the SDF Canberra team page -
http://www.sfd06.org/teams/oceania/au/canberra - but it seems one needs
to create an account to be able to edit anything...

...and I'd rather not create yet another account on the net. If someone
is adding something else to the page next time around chances someone
could just add my name to the list? :)

I'm pretty interested in showing people inkscape and gimp and more
office-like apps like Abiword, OpenOffice and Evolution if people are up
for it.

How about using a project for a Kororaa install and XGL!

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