[clug] Printing problem

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at internode.on.net
Mon Aug 14 00:52:31 GMT 2006

Hi!  As a relative new-comer to Linux I have been held back from 
permanently moving from Windows to Linux because I could not get my 
Canon LBP-1210 laser printer working under Linux (Ubuntu).  Well, over 
last weekend I cracked it (with some help) - my Canon printer *works* in 
Ubuntu 6.01.1.  However, I now have a relatively small irritation.  Each 
time my computer starts/re-boots printing will not work.  If I run the 
following terminal commands it starts.

peter at Sanchos:~$ sudo captstatusui -P LBP1210-CAPT-ver.1.3
*** captstatusui Socket Error ***
peter at Sanchos:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd start
Starting Canon Printer Daemon for CUPS: ccpd.
peter at Sanchos:~$ sudo captstatusui -P LBP1210-CAPT-ver.1.3
peter at Sanchos:~$

My question is 'How do I get printing (ccpd, I assume) to be available 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, if anyone else would like the installation notes for this 
printer I would be happy to pass them on.


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