[clug] Automatic apt/yum mirror configuration...

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 10:44:05 GMT 2006

Paul Wayper wrote:
> Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
>> Just picking a repository based on geolocation might be fairest for
>> the mirrors, but will leave some users talking to a slow and/or out of
>> date repository.  For example, I find Ubuntu's aus archive very slow. 
>> IIRC it has had problems staying up to date at times too.
> True.
> But the main advantage I see for this system is to allow people to use
> their local ISP's mirrors, where that ISP only allows its own customers
> to see the mirrors.  Internode does this, for example.  An Internode
> customer could therefore pick up configuration including all the mirrors
> that Internode provides, listed first in priority; anyone outside
> Internode would get a different configuration file.

Thinking out loud, I wonder if DNS could solve the problem.  For 
example, Ubuntu has an A record for localmirror.archive.ubuntu.com 
(e.g.).  It resolves to some suitable / random mirror.  However, 
cooperative ISPs can set up a zone for the same, and point it towards 
their local mirror.  Thus very little config required for the client.


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