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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Aug 8 03:14:24 GMT 2006

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I've got a DUMB user question about USB - actually *2* questions :-)

1. Where in the Web do I get answers to Stupid User Questions like this?
   STFW for me is "google" - and I have no idea of what search terms I
   could use...

2. The USB question:
   I bought a Mac (mini) so I could run commercial Apps for Uni :-(
   It only has USB keyboard. All my Linux boxes are old and boot with
    PS/2 - and happily work with my 4yr old PS/2 KVM [P-KVM]

   Enter the 2-port USB KVM for mac & primary Linux box. [U-KVM]
   [Tried a USB-PS/2 adaptor, OK direct to Mac, not through P-KVM]

   I've achieved a single monitor by connecting the video output of the
   PS/2 KVM to the USB KVM.

   I'd really like to have just one (USB) keyboard and mouse...

   Is there a way to connect the single USB from U-KVM to the
   PS/2 (K+M) inputs on P-KVM??

   The Dumb User method is to use a USB F-F joiner to join the M-M
   USB output cable from U-KVM to the USB-PS/2 adaptor. Alternate
   would be to plug both devices into powered hub (no host).

   It's gonna do one of three things:
   - work :-)
   - not work :-(
   - fry everything is sight (or on site) :=[

   If this was RS-232 I'd know what to do :-)
   I understand USB has 'hosts' [that provide power] but don't know if
   there connections like DCE/DTE...

   So... anyone done anything like this or point me somewhere that says
         "can't be done" or what to do??


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