[clug] wokstation for processing MRI data

Nicolas Cherbuin n.cherbuin at anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 4 22:52:51 GMT 2006

I don't have an answer for this but the developers of freesurfer must have
thought about it and the results produced by this software are good in
terms of analysis.


> MRI processing for x86?  Ooog.  Not an application I'd have thought of
> x86 for (mind you, I don't think with my wallet often).  SPARC and the
> old (discontinued?) Silicon Graphics processors, yes.  PowerPC, maybe
> (With the recent developments in SIMD especially), and it could even be
> an application for CellBE.  But can x86 (even 64-bit x86) handle the
> bandwidth requirements properly?
> On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 10:48 +1000, Nicolas Cherbuin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am researching hardware specification for a workstation that will be
>> used to process resource intensive MRI data (3D brain imaging) using the
>> OSS Freesurfer running under linux. I am wondering if some of us have
>> had similar requirements (particularly in image manipulation) and what
>> their choices have been.
>> The guys producing Freesurfer recommend  greater CPU speed and RAM (min
>> 2gig, 4gigs recommended) with normal specs for HD drives. Given that
>> with these specs the processing of one scan can take 18 hours, I am keen
>> to get more than the minimum. I have to process potentially hundreds of
>> scan but at least in the tens.
>> I was thinking of getting at least a dual core Athlon 4800? and 8 gig of
>> ram and use Fedora  for simplicity (I am not a linux expert). Budget is
>> around $3-5000 possibly more if it can be justified.
>> I am trying to answer the following questions:
>> 1. If I get a 64 bit processor will it make much difference and will I
>> still be able to run 32 bit software (freesurfer is supported in 64bits
>> architectures). what processor should I choose?
>> 2. What sort of motherboard should I choose and do some support 2 x dual
>> core chips?
>> 3. The graphics card needs to support openGL but does not need to be
>> especially good. Which card is going to provide least trouble under
>> linux?
>> Any comments would be appreciated
>> Cheers
>> Nic
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