[clug] Ubuntu volume control

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Fri Aug 4 08:41:57 GMT 2006

On Friday 04 August 2006 14:25, Geoff Lloyd wrote:
> Hello,
> After a bit of googling failed to turn up results, I ask the list:
> Is there a way of changing the output volume from a soundcard through
> the command line?
You can if you run KDE (or at least kmix), through the magic of dcop (desktop 
communication protocol - the forerunner of dbus)
dcop kmix Mixer0 setMasterVolume 100
dcop kmix Mixer0 toggleMute 0 

(you can do a lot more - just do a dcop kmix Mixer0 for a list of all the 
methods, or use kdcop for a graphical version)

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