[clug] Canberra Linux user group- assistance needed

Vanessa Kendrick vanessajoan at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 00:33:10 GMT 2006

Hi all

Andrew suggested I email this to everyone in case someone can help?
My dad recently passed away in the last couple of weeks and my mother has
been using and storing information on his linux operating system which he
maintained and which they both used. In the last couple of days there has
been a problem when booting up, ie. "kernel panic" and I am not sure if this
is a) fatal or b) fixable or where I might take the hard drive to be fixed.

Is this difficult to correct?

It would be a great kindness if someone could come by the house to take a
look at it. We could give the person who gave their time a choice of 2 of
his linux books (and he had an extensive library).

Thank you for your time,

Vanessa Kendrick

0410 314949

Vanessa Kendrick
Canberra, Australia

Vanessa Kendrick
Canberra, Australia

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