[clug] Softaware installs on tridge.anu.edu.au.

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 08:07:49 GMT 2006


Here is a couple of suggestions for additional software packages for
multitail would be a nice addition for multiple file and log viewing /
perhaps a mail client to allow people to view the lists? (I know cone is
very good and administrator configurable I believe) I assume that there are
issues with disk quotas and so I fully understand if this is a big nasty
Another possibility that has some fairly hefty implications is a scheduler
for users? Once again I don't expect it but just a thought.
As I think of more I will request them.

For Your Consideration


On 4/24/06, Tony Breeds <tony at bakeyournoodle.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>         For all of you that have setup an account on tridge.anu.edu.au,
> if there is a software package you'd like installed send an email to me
> directly (off list).  I'll endeavor to get them done quickly.  If there
> are problems then I'll let the requestor know.
> For those of you that don't have accounts on tridge.anu.edu.au yet, same
> thing applies, you just need to sign up your account first ;P
> Yours Tony
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