[clug] web based file access

James Ring sjr at jdns.org
Thu Apr 20 00:07:40 GMT 2006

Hi Aaron,

> CLUGers,
> Does anyone know of a simple web server application to provide simple
> read and write file access?
> I am trying to give my file server a simple web interface for users
> (i.e. wife and family) to upload, store and retrieve their files. I am
> thinking that a simple HTML+HTTP access to file storage will be easier
> for me in the long run than configuring other clients for network file
> access (NFS, SMB, etc..) each time family or friends bring a new
> laptop/PC to my home network.

Sounds like a job for WebDAV. It is supported by Apache and can allow your
Windows clients to add WebDAV 'locations' to Windows Explorer, just like
a mapped network drive.

> Aaron


James Ring

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