[clug] SAMBA + LDAP Windows Domain Issues

Nedim Hadzimahmutovic h.nedim at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 07:50:59 GMT 2006


I would like to hear if some of you have experience with Word Perfect
in a network environment based on Windows Domain (many people still
use windows on workstations). Our Domain system is based on Linux -
SAMBA/LDAP (PDC) and it works great. We are using it for 2 weeks, and
have some minor things to work on, or work around. First thing is the
issues with MS OFFICE/WORD PERFECT. MS OFFICE once installed as by a
local admin, does not work properly for users on the domain. Instead
of that, you have to log in as a non privileged domain user run the ms
office setup program as administrator, and once it i installed it
works great.

The biggest problem is with Word Perfect, version 10. Once installed
it can only be run as a local user, every user gets a error which says
source installation could not be found, something similar to that at
least. The problem is I think, that WP Setup does not see the network
drivers once run by the user. I somehow managed to come around this,
it works, but would like to find a better solution. First, logged in 
as the domain administrator, installed WP to the user network drive.
It installs and works great but only for the administrator. After,  I
copied the WD folder to the public network drive, and did a deinstall
of WP from the system (the user network drive). After that I logged in
as a normal user, run the WP setup program as administrator, and
installed it to the C: drive. The program installed to the C: can not
be run, but the program from the public share program works!! So if
you run the exe files manually from the public folder, no problems

OpenOffice works great on the other hand.

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