[clug] Re: uPnP clients and servers

Rémi remi.turboult at m4x.org
Wed Apr 5 14:38:50 GMT 2006

Michael Still wrote:

> I want to verify that this is gmediaserver's problem and not a problem 
> with the MP101 by running a uPnP client on my laptop, but I can't find 
> a good uPnP client for Linux. Any suggestions?
There is not much choice for Linux UPnP clients :
You can have a look a the djmount filesystem ( http://djmount.sf.net/ ), 
to give UPnP capabilities to any Linux player.
Or you can look at the GeeXboX bootable CD ( http://geexbox.org/ ) for a 
pre-packaged solution.

> Also, I know that a bunch of you have been playing with uPnP 
> devices... Does anyone have suggestions for a media server that 
> doesn't suck? 
I have no recommendation, but you can look at :
TwonkyVision MediaServer
GeeXboX uShare

Best regards,

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