[clug] Residential VOIP discussion, was Skype on Ubuntu

Joel Plane joel.plane at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 15:05:04 GMT 2005

I have a Grandstream BudgeTone-100 IP phone that I bought off Ebay. It's 
setup to work on a private SIP network. Since getting it I've only used 
it once to call the guy I bought it from. I noticed a slight delay when 
talking. I'd say something, then I'd hear an echo of what I said, before 
hearing the reply. Additionally, sometimes the voice seemed to skip a 
bit (the guy had a strong accent so I'm not sure if it actually skipping 
'cause I couldn't understand him much anyway). (and this is IP-to-IP)
Either the SIP proxy I was going through was a bit dodgy, or my Internet 
connection has a too high latency. I suspect its a bit of both.
Within the next few I *should* be moving to Engin, so I'll have a PSTN 
number and I'll be able to make or take call to/from the PSTN network 
(Engin is very cheap evening with a PSTN number, only $9.95/month - 
including calls i think). I'll let you know how that goes.

Joel Plane

Greg Castle wrote:

>Hi all,
>After reading John Goerzen's article below I got interested in saving
>myself $30 a month line rental from Telstra and going entirely to VOIP. 
>I'm in a good position to do this as I share my neighbour's ADSL over
>802.11g so I don't need the phoneline.  Just wondering if any other
>Clugger's have done the same and have some recommendations?  Would be
>interested to hear descriptions of any working setups.
>I envisage getting a PSTN number (as long as it is cheap) so I can do
>VOIP-PSTN and PSTN-VOIP.  Anyone have any experience with VOIP hardware
>phones and/or VOIP-Analogue adaptors?  I'd be interested to know if
>people have had success moving these devices to different locations
>(e.g. overseas) and using them?  Pretty cool if that is the case - handy
>for hotels that provide free internet --> call home for free! I figure I
>might as well go the whole way and check out Asterisk and SIPatHome
>while I'm at it.
>On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 14:34:49 +1000, "Ambrose Andrews"
><ambrose.andrews at anu.edu.au> said:
>>Yeah.  Something using open standards like H323 or SIP might be an option
>>with a better future.
>>Not speaking first hand, but here's a few:
>>John Goerzen wrote a good article about the situation:
>>the discussion is good too.
>>  -AA.
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