[clug] Bike Sig ride report

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Sun Sep 25 07:36:38 GMT 2005


So 6 of us (Tony Breeds, Michael Neuling, Michael James, Hugh Blemmings,
Andrew Tridgell and myself) rocked up to DCS at 2pm for the innaugural CLUG
Bike Sig. I suspect the threat of bad weather scared a few others off.

The weather held off nicely, warm enough to be comofortable in summer
clothing and not too bright and sunny. We rolled out after waiting for a few
minutes as Hugh was attacked by Ducks and had a flat tyre on the way in to
meet us (this is a good thing, siting around and chatting is always going to
be easier than riding so all was good, though hopefully Hugh will not be
scarred for life upon the sight of ducks)

The pace was a little less relaxed than I had expected, but that happens
with a small group, everyone was keeping up fine so we did not stop much on
the way around the lake. From commonwealth bridge we decided to continue on
around to Kings ave, then Tridge asked if people wanted to stop for a coffee
at his house on the way around, so we did that, and shortly all got back on
and headed out around the jerrabomberra wetlands to fo a complete full lap
of the entire lake, more than the original ride we had planned but everyone
was happy to do this and we were all having fun.

We got back to ANU eventually at around 4pm, Michael James and Hugh took
some photos and people started heading home, then Michael Neuling talked
Michael James and myself into an ascent of Black Mountain to finish off the
ride. I was riding one of m mountain bikes so knew this would be harder than
otherwise, but hey why the heck not. So we bid adieu to Hugh, Tridge and
Tony and went to find some pain on the mountain.

On the whole it was a most enjoyable ride, as I was sort of thinking, and
from the results of the discussions during the ride, maybe doing this about
once every two months would work out well. So I sugest we do the second CLUG
Bike Sig on Sunday November 27th (Triple Tri is on the Nov 20th (and alas so
is Fitz Epic/Challenge) and Brindabella Challenge and Urban Polaris and
other stuff on December 4th, 5th and 6th)

Oh yeah geek talk definitely happened, I heard Tridge going indepth into
Samba SIDs at one point, and there was discussion of gcc changes and of
linux on ppc and on m68k and tlak about polotting Mikey's GPS data
accurately and map data sources and a bunch of other stuff.

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