[clug] Perl to unpack an Active Directory objectSID

Michael James clug at james.st
Fri Sep 23 07:48:31 GMT 2005

Could the Active Directory experts on the list
 please cast their eyes over this.

I found some perl code to unpack Active Directory SIDs at:


But it seems needlessly complex.

The particular SID I'm studying is (in hex, broken into 4 byte longs)

01 05 00 00  |   00 00 00 05   |
   15 00 00 00 00  |   01 36 A7 03  |   hex   |   hex   |   hex

From the code it seems:
The first byte is the SID revision number. (usually 1)
The second is the number of sub fields in the second line.
The remaining 6 bytes on the first line are the auth ID.
Just to maintain inconsistency they are read big-endian.

The second line is (in my case) 5 x 32 bit numbers read little-endian.

So to decode it these 2 lines of perl should do:

my($sid_rev, $num_auths, $id1, $id2, @ids) =
		unpack("H2 H2 n N V*", $binary_sid);
my $sid_string = join("-", "S", $sid_rev, ($id1<<32)+$id2, @ids);

Note that combining $id1 and 2
 must be done arithmetically not stringwise
 to keep the leading zero's lined up.

If any of this is wrong, please tell me.

If this is useful to anyone, I'm delighted.


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