[clug] Coda experience/demonstration?

APF Technical Support support at apf.edu.au
Mon Sep 19 03:01:13 GMT 2005

On 19 Sep 2005, at 12:19, Arafangion wrote:

> I would love a meeting about Coda, particularly as to how it stands 
> compared to NFS.

NFS is noisy and cannot function with a network outage. In addition, 
I've had eternal problems when a machine crashes - either the server or 
the client loses track of some important data, and I end up having to 
restart all NFS related services in order to restore NFS functionality 
(which implies restarting the NFS service on ALL clients). NFS of 
course stands for "Never Functional System".

Coda is designed to cater for network outages, but that's where my 
knowledge of it ends. I'll make sure to include some kind of comparison 
to other network file systems.

Alex Satrapa
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Australian Phenomics Facility
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Australian National University

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