[clug] Coda experience/demonstration?

APF Technical Support support at apf.edu.au
Mon Sep 19 01:55:47 GMT 2005

Does anyone have experience with Coda? Would you be prepared to 
demonstrate setting up Coda on two machines running a 2.6 kernel, at a 
CLUG meeting? I can supply machines, and help with preparing the 
demonstration. My main goal is to understand how Coda fits together, 
and to develop some idea of how reliable it is under load, especially 
when the intervening network is slow/congested/unreliable.

So a possible programme would be:
1) Walk through setup of a Coda filesystem between two (or three) 
2) Demonstrate use of Coda in an ideal environment: one set of clients 
accessing Samba on one host, one set of clients accessing Samba on the 
other host, with the two Coda hosts on the same 100Mbps Ethernet,
3) Modify above demonstration by introducing errors (reduced speed, 
dropped frames, dropped carrier) on the Ethernet network, and
4) Write up our observations about the reliability of Coda given the 
environment we (were|will be) testing in.

Ideally, I'd like to have this demonstration ready for the November or 
January CLUG meeting, to fill about 1 hour.

Would anyone be interested in seeing such a demonstration?

Alex Satrapa
IT Support
Australian Phenomics Facility
Building 117, Garran Road
Australian National University

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