[clug] Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger beta

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at ozemail.com.au
Sun Sep 18 12:51:29 GMT 2005

I agree with Pascal's comments on Ubuntu Breezy Badger, although I have 
only tried the live CD version.

I am relatively new to Linux but have tried a few different 
distributions on my dual boot test PC.  I have had Ubuntu 5.04 installed 
from just after its release and bit by bit have been tuning and 
learning.  Before Hoary Hedgehog I thought Linux had some way to go 
before it could match Windows XP for everyday use by a user with limited 
Linux skills.  However, I am really pleased with the way Ubuntu 
performs.  I support a number of not-for-profit web sites and am in the 
process of moving them over to Linux and using Ubuntu as my 'production' 

I guess "my" Ubuntu has taken several months of "fiddling" (and 
learning) to get to the stage its at now; so it still requires a little 
bit of work "out of the box".  Some of the most useful learning has been 
coming to grips with tools like apt-get, gzip/rar and SMEG (Simple Menu 
Editor for Gnome) really make a difference.  The Unofficial Ubuntu 5.04 
Starter Guide is also a very handy reference.  Another useful tip is to 
keep a diary of all the systems tasks you do (like mounting Windows XP 
drives) so you know how to do it easier next time.

Umbutu IS a really nice Linux distribution.

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