[clug] bike sig?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Sep 16 00:28:13 GMT 2005

Maybe a [b|tr]ike sig? I guess we should include other forms of human-
powered vehicles such as skates, scooters etc.? Of course, all such
vehicles must be non-propriety and open-standards based and we must
be free to add our own modifications etc. :-)


Bob Edwards.

Steven Hanley wrote:
> All
> So I notice quite a few CLUGgers appear to be keen on riding bikes (by
> cluggers I mean people on this list)
> Names that come to mind immmediately include Michael Neuling, Hugh
> Blemings, Chris Yeoh, Andrew Tridgell, Steve Hanley, Michael Carden.
> Various other people have been sighted on bikes with increasing regualrity
> over the past while (Rusty Russell, Michael Still, Tony Breeds, Bob Edwards
> all come to mind)
> I propose a bike sig.
> Modeled on the PubSIG and lca2005 bike ride but with bike riding before a
> cafe and held on a weekend day during the day. The lca ride was most popular
> so I think it may catch on to do one of these form time to time.
> I am out of town this weekend, CLUG is next Thursday, I was thinking maybe
> Sunday the 25th. Mikal and Bob both suggest early afternoon, so maybe after
> lunch.
> Thus I propose 
> When: 14:00 2005-09-25
> Where: In front of the Department of Computer Science ANU (where CLUG is held)
> What: Gentle ride around lake burley griffin on the bike path with other
>       cluggers followed by sitting around and chatting about geeky things
>       or something at a cafe in civic (we need to sit somewhere where we can
>       see bikes, I suggest Dobinsons)
> Why: To ride bikes, talk geek, have fun. Also I am sure Hugh, Michael
>      Neuling and others would be keen to show off their geek bike setups with gps
>      and ham radio and other cool shit
> Why Not: pouring with rain
> I will be there.
> 	See You
> 	    Steve

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