[clug] USA digital preservation project

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Wed Sep 14 14:16:10 GMT 2005

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 08:15 pm, Matthew Sheppard wrote:
> I'm assuming most people saw via slashdot that Lockheed Martin won
> the contract for the USA's Electronic Records Archives project which
> Michael mentioned last meeting (http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/
> CA6255911.html).
> Any follow up comments Michael?

Ulp. Do I respond with my NAA hat or my personal hat?

Scarily, the slashdot thread serves to reinforce the idea that digital 
preservation is not well known in the Geek community.

I might infer from the resounding lack of feedback on my talk last month that 
CLUG members either:

  1. Couldn't give much of a toss about Digital Preservation or;
  2. Downloaded our apps and found them too perfect to criticise or;
  3. Thought I was crap and were too polite to say so or;
  4. Have more fun things to do.

Of course, I can't imagine (4) being true. ;-)

Yep. NARA went with Lockheed Martin, who have not yet revealed their strategy. 
Fortunately, we are lucky that the world's foremost caring democracy has 
selected the world's foremost caring corporation to carry forward the 
fundamental elements of their legacy. So everything will be just fine. 
Completely okay. I have no doubts at all.

Not at all related to the
Preservation Software Manager
National Archives of Australia

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