[clug] What to say about CLUG

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Thu Sep 8 04:35:16 GMT 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 09:00:24PM +1000, Michael Carden wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Sep 2005 10:45 am, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> > Does anyone have any thoughts on what we should say for ourselves?
> Um... I think that there's a great deal to be said if anyone is willing to 
> step up and say it.
> <soapbox:view="one eyed">

thanks very much for giving me some material, I appreciate it.

I'm apparently locked in for a phone interview next week. Questions may

> As an example here are some questions I would like to ask.
> 1.    Who you are, any interests, position at CLUG?and anything else
> you would like to reveal about yourself.

I can handle this one pretty well.

> 2.    How long has CLUG been running? Where?

No idea on the "how long" part.

> 3.    When are the meetings?

Can handle this.

> 4.    How many members? Official or unofficial

Can handle this.

> 5.    Have you noticed a difference with the changing demographics?

Wouldn't mind some input on this.

> 6.    What do people have the need for in your area?


> 7.    Can I order anchovies on my pizza if I come to a meeting?

Pfft. If you really want.

> 8.    How did your Software Freedom Day event go?

Do what?

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