[clug] X10 Home Automation + Linux

Matt Smith clug at mattsmith.cc
Fri Sep 2 06:06:21 GMT 2005

> I've had some experience with the x10 modules you can get from Dick Smith.
>  Basically, they suck.  We wrote some python code to talk to the x10
> modules, and we had reliability issues from all the modules. eg. the lamp
> module would turn on once out of three times, and then wouldn't turn off
> until after midday ;)
> Even the 'heyu' program had the same issues as our python modules.
> Just my experience, Others have had better experiences :)


Would you put this down to the X10 protocol, dodgey house wiring (noise on
the line), or dodgey units from DSE, or some magical combination that is
left to the imagination?


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