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Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Thu Oct 27 07:10:38 GMT 2005

Agreed, the govt. charges $10 per "computer box" and $15 per
monitor for disposal (some private recycling firms will take
boxes but not monitors for free).

BTW, as someone involved with a community group I have set minimum
standards for what we will accept; there's not point in accepting
486's when we can't afford to pay $25 each to dispose of them.

Beware of geeks bearing gifts? ;-p

I think that "you bring it, you take it" is fair for unclaimed
loot (as someone who has done more than one round trip to CLUG
with un-appreciated treasures from their garage).


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I support this idea - HOWEVER - there has been a tendency, over the years, for good-intentioned people (is that a legal English phrase?) to bring along all sorts of miscellaneous pre-loved equipment, disks, magazines etc. to CLUG and then leave them there at the end of the night. Some of this stuff persists in N101 for months or years at a time. Alas, the Dept. does not really appreciate it.

So, we need a clear delegation as to who is going to be responsible for removing the left-overs to the appropriate charity (how charitable is it, really, to off-load stuff that no one at CLUG is willing to take home? - it must be pretty bad if no CLUG geeks are interested - maybe we should pick the good machines and give them to charity and then take the left-overs home for next time? or maybe buy a brand-new machine, give it to charity and then keep using the 3 year old machine that has faithfully served you all that time - or maybe just give the money for the brand new machine to charity and keep using the old machine - but I digress...).

Anyway, a swap-fest is good if I am not having to deal with all the left-overs.


Bob Edwards.

Paul Wayper wrote:
> Ladies, Gentlemen, Amorphs,
> I currently have about six AT and ATX-style cases, some motherboards, 
> and a box of network, video and other cards.  Mikal sounds like he has 
> the same (only probably more so).  I'm sure pretty much everyone here 
> has a few bits and pieces lying around that we want to go to a good 
> home rather than the bin.  My plan with my stuff had been to make up a 
> couple of firewalls or simple machines for my nieces to use.  The rest 
> of it I was going to donate to a computer charity.
> What if we had a day / evening where people brought all their bits and 
> pieces together and we made as many machines work as we possibly could?
> Install Linux on them (I hear a distro flamewar approaching... :-), 
> contributors take working machines that they need away, and we give 
> the rest to charity.  This sure sounds like a better idea than 
> procrastinating about building them individually.  What do people think?
> Have fun,
> Paul

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