[clug] Computer buildfest idea

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Oct 27 06:04:05 GMT 2005

On Thursday 27 October 2005 15:05 pm, Robert Edwards wrote:
> I support this idea - HOWEVER - there has been a tendency, over the
> years, for good-intentioned people (is that a legal English phrase?)
> to bring along all sorts of miscellaneous pre-loved equipment, disks,
> magazines etc. to CLUG and then leave them there at the end of the
> night. Some of this stuff persists in N101 for months or years at a
> time. Alas, the Dept. does not really appreciate it.
As someone who's been guilty of doing this in the past, perhaps we do some 
planning tonight, and some building / configuring next month (or whenever we 
have the planning stage complete)?

1. Who are we going to give this stuff to?
2. What do they need in terms of applications / functionality? 
3. What sort of setup is most appropriate for the organisation, and the sort 
of hardware we might be able to get together?
4. Who is going to do the admin work after it is delivered?

Brad "good-intentioned, but clueless" Hards

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