[clug] Re: [For Sale] Crazy Mikal's give aways

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Oct 26 11:41:51 GMT 2005

Michael Still wrote:
> Stuff I want to give away at CLUG tomorrow:
> 4 Centronics style SCSI disk cases
> An Apple LaserWriter Select printer (works!)
> An 8mm SCSI tape drive (unknown workage)
> A set of Java coasters
> A gas lift CRT monitor arm
2 socket 7 motherboards (no CPU)

> So, if people want to reserve things that's fine, but you really should
> collect them... You'll know me, I'm the stressed looking guy in the
> Google tshirt.
> Mikal
> PS: Do people want 14" and 15" CRT monitors? I have about 15...
> PPS: Oh, and a variety of PC cases if anyone is in the market for older
> style cases. Some even have computers on the inside.


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