[clug] Xvfb + xfce4 + x11vnc + vncviewer = keyboard and mouse weirdness

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 21 04:20:40 GMT 2005

I'm trying to achieve this:

Running a simple desktop environment (nominally xfce4) into a virtual 
framebuffer (Xvfb), and then hooking x11vnc to that.  When I want to 
connect to my desktop, I pull up vncviewer and connect.

My problem is that some of the keyboard and mouse stuff is not getting 
through.  If I send an xterm to that display, tab does not get through 
to bash for filename completion.  And though I can move the mouse 
cursor, button clicks don't seem to be getting through.

Looking at the man pages, the nearest I can find is the "-input" switch 
on x11vnc, which controls who can do what in "user" mode and "view-only" 
mode.  Doesn't seem to fit the problem, nor change things if I put 
"-input KBM,M"

My attempt to break the problem down is to bring back xfce4 via 
vncserver, which works fine.  Doesn't solve my problem, though, of being 
able to disconnect from the session at will and reconnect.

My other problem is that if I exit the vncviewer app, x11vnc seems to 
terminate too, though I can restart it and continue on.

I can try NX and LTSP, but feel im am *this close* to getting it 
working.  Any suggestions to restore my full keyboard and mouse 


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