[clug] Problems with Ubuntu & Kubuntu 5.10 Live PowerPC with iMac G5

Ian Matters ian at iristech.com.au
Tue Oct 18 21:24:14 GMT 2005

Hi everyone.

I've recently downloaded the ISOs for Ubuntu 5.10 Live PowerPC and  
Kubuntu 5.10 Live PowerPC to try them on an 17 inch Apple iMac G5 box  
without much luck.  The iMac involved is one of the early ones with  
an Apple Bluetooth module, an inbuilt AirPort Extreme module, 2GB of  
RAM and a Matsushita UJ-825 DVD drive.

The problem with both Ubuntu and Kubuntu is that the boot process  
continues as normal until it arrives at the initialisation of Gnome  
or KDE at which stage the machine lock's up tight with a Gnome or KDE  
blank coloured background and a mouse cursor.  I can't even toggle  
the Caps Lock key or move the mouse cursor.

I've had a quick look around the Ubuntu and Kubuntu web sites but  
haven't seen any reference to a problem like this.  Does anybody have  
any pointers as to what I should try?  Perhaps some startup options  
or something?


Ian Matters
Canberra, Australia [35S, 149E]

T: (02) 6258 3079 [+61 2 6258 3079]
M: 0410 009 046 [+61 410 009 046]
E: ian at iristech.com.au
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