[clug] ETax 2005 working under WINE (including submission)

David Price david at dmprice.com
Sun Oct 2 06:22:57 GMT 2005

For those who haven't done their tax yet (I'm sure there are lots 
leaving it until the last moment), you might like to give it a try under 

The last few years when I've tried it, I've been able to complete it 
using WINE, but have had to find a friend with a Windows machine to 
submit it.  This year for the first time, I was able to submit it under 
WINE as well.

You need to install IE for it to work.  That's made fairly simple with 
the Sidenet utility from:


If you want some more detailed instructions, see: 
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54971 - for Ubuntu, but it 
works fine on Debian unstable and I imagine on other distributions as well.

It'd be nice if one year they'd make a cross-platform version, but until 
that happens, at least we have a reasonably painless option (well, 
actually the pain of having IE on one's Linux box is substantial, but 
besides that).

Good Luck,

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