[clug] FW: DNS CNAME rewriting?

John Fletcher fletch at twoedged.org
Sun Nov 27 10:55:57 GMT 2005

Thanks for the responses on this subject.

You confirmed my suspicions about DNS: it wasn't appropriate for
"redirection".  In the end I got the webhost to handle the additional
domains for me on the webserver.  I knew that technically this was the
best solution but for various reasons I had feared they would not be
able to help me.

So all solved in the end, thanks.


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In essence, no.

The dns resolution is one thing, and the http request is another.

Pointing the request to the right IP will not change the fact that the
http header information will contain the hostname as part of the
request.  For the server to know to do something special with that
request, it needs to be configured to do so.

One option you'd have is to point the dns for your .com.au domin to some
*other* host under your control and have *that* server redirect to the
corresponding .com locations.

The other is to get your outsourced host to configure .au aliases for
each of the currently working virtual hosts. (probably the way to go).
If I understand correctly, your old host was configured with 3 virtual
hosts each with a corresponding .au alias, but your new host is not
configured the same way.


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