[clug] another bike sig this weekend?

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Thu Nov 24 01:40:23 GMT 2005


So after thge last one I suggested

> On the whole it was a most enjoyable ride, as I was sort of thinking, and
> from the results of the discussions during the ride, maybe doing this about
> once every two months would work out well. So I sugest we do the second CLUG
> Bike Sig on Sunday November 27th (Triple Tri is on the Nov 20th (and alas so
> is Fitz Epic/Challenge) and Brindabella Challenge and Urban Polaris and
> other stuff on December 4th, 5th and 6th)

Which would be this coming Sunday.

Is anyone keen, will people be around, ahh who cares.

When: 14:00 2005-11-27
Where: In front of the Department of Computer Science ANU (where CLUG is
What: Gentle ride, this time slightly different to last time, up past the
      AIS on the bike path, and through to the edge of Belconnen, then up
      past Aranda and down to the lake, then finish off around lake Burley 
      Griffin followed by sitting around and chatting about geeky things   
      or something at a cafe in civic (we need to sit somewhere where we can
      see bikes, I suggest Dobinsons)
Why: To ride bikes, talk geek, have fun. Also I am sure Hugh, Michael
     Neuling and others would be keen to show off their geek bike setups
     with gps and ham radio and other cool stuff
Why Not: pouring with rain

I will be there, keen to ride easily as I have yet to shake my cold I have
had for about 3 weeks.

	See You

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