[clug] Advice sought on wireless linux media distribution

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Nov 18 13:15:36 GMT 2005

Doug Palmer wrote:

 > Looking at MythTV has ended me up at http://www.hmc.com.au which looks
 > most intriguing.

HMC use MythTV with a customised theme and their own back-end source of 
programme guide data.  The box itself is a shuttle case.  The nice thing about 
it is that it's all set up, ready to go, no more work to do.  That's probably 
worth paying money for unless you don't value your own time highly.

As an aside, there was a post ages ago on the mythtv-users list from the 
people at HMC / D1 that said that their contribution to the open source 
development community would be the provision of free programme guide 
information, but I believe when the initial tv_grab_au versions were being 
written it wasn't working or wasn't available.  I don't know what it's like 
now as I haven't seen a tv_grab_au version that's based on it.  It does make 
me wonder why we're bothering with all the other feeds, though, if d1.com.au 
is actually working...

Have fun,


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