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Russell Zweck rzweck at ozemail.com.au
Tue Nov 15 01:00:38 GMT 2005


OpenOffice.org Impress version 2.0 does everything you want.  It runs 
under Linux and Windows, has 20+ transitions/dissolves, and has timed or 
clickable transitions between slides, all of which can be varied for 
each slide transition.  Is there any reason you didn't want to use this 
product?  I just ran a quick test and it seems quite good.


Adrian Blake wrote:

> Thanks for the replies,
> I will use kuickshow, but I did try many others, about a dozen or 
> more. Some did not compile easily, if at all, some were flaky, some 
> had no slide show facility.  I could not find anything where I could 
> have differing dissolves, fades, curtains, flash etc. So for some one 
> with some spare time there is an opportunity.
> Adrian
> Pearl Louis wrote:
>> Use kuickshow but choose "Show Image in Fullscreen Mode" in the "File"
>> menu. This then shows the image in Full screen with a black
>> background.  If it is too big it will be scaled down to fit your
>> screen.  Then just use your mouse scroll (or Page Up and Page Down) to
>> move through the images in your directory.  It doesn't change on a
>> mouseclick but I guess a mouse scroll will do?
>> Pearl
>> On 14/11/05, Adrian Blake <A.Blake at physics.usyd.edu.au> wrote:
>>> Can anyone suggest a image viewer like Kuickshow that allows a slide
>>> show presentation that is not timed but rather changes on a mouse 
>>> click.
>>> It must scale images to full screen. A choice of dissolve options would
>>> be nice but not essential.
>>> I could use Openoffice Impress, but are there others ?
>>> Adrian
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