[clug] slideshow

David Tulloh david.tulloh at anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 14 05:47:27 GMT 2005

I like gqview, it has basic slideshow capabilities.  It's a relatively 
simply image viewer and does slideshows through a directory or it can 
recurse through a directory tree.  There's a variety of scaling options, 
it also preloads the next image.  Images change instantly, there's no 
fancy fading.  Images change on either a timer, click or keyboard press; 
setting the timer to a very long time should be able to simulate only 
changing on a mouse click for you.

Adrian Blake wrote:

> Can anyone suggest a image viewer like Kuickshow that allows a slide 
> show presentation that is not timed but rather changes on a mouse 
> click. It must scale images to full screen. A choice of dissolve 
> options would be nice but not essential.
> I could use Openoffice Impress, but are there others ?
> Adrian

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