[clug] FW: DNS CNAME rewriting?

John Fletcher fletchweb at internode.on.net
Sat Nov 12 04:04:52 GMT 2005

I have a slight problem - I need to kind of rewrite or redirect DNS
When a web browser requests a page, it obtains the address of the server
and then requests from it the desired page, telling it it's full name
including server.
Lets say I have DNS records www.example.com, www1.example.com and
www2.example.com, all CNAMEs pointing to webserver.example.com.  As we
know, once on webserver.example.com, apache inspects the hostname and
directs the request to the virtual host www, www1 or www2.  This all
presently works very nicely.
We also have www.example.com.au, www1.example.com.au and
www2.example.com.au configured as virtual hosts pointing to the same
respective pages on webserver.example.com.  All working.
Now the problem: We are outsourcing our webserver and pointing
webserver.example.com to the outsourced server, which then successfully
resolves the www1.example.com www2.example.com and www3.example.com
adresses to the correct pages.  What I want to do is have requests
coming into www.example.com.au pointed to webserver.example.com but
currently the outsourced webserver doesn't recognise the domain
www.example.com.au, so a CNAME will not work (as the request is still
supplied to apache as being to the .au domain, which apache doesn't
understand).  Can I organise some kind of DNS redirection to redirect
www.example.com.au to www.example.com in order to solve this problem or
does this problem have to be solved via the outsourcing provider?
Thanks guys.

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