[clug] Job for linux sysop

Matteo Pedani matteo at pedani.it
Thu Nov 10 00:53:01 GMT 2005

Il giorno 10/nov/05, alle ore 10:32, Matteo Pedani ha scritto:

> My wife  at her office in Canberra ( 20 people) is  looking for a  
> sysop to install the net, install apache and collaborative web  
> pages like wiki or similar , install asterisk, install mail server,  
> install file server.   And after give assistance.
> Until now she get only company how offer proprietary (Windos)  
> offer. But i don't like it.
> There are people who can offer this work and use free soft?
> Matteo Pedani

The job is in  Canberra


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