[clug] VPN routers

Jsparksaa at cs.com Jsparksaa at cs.com
Wed Nov 9 22:44:16 GMT 2005


  I have recently setup a Netgear FVS318 VPN router to connect to a SonicWall 2040.  The VPN tunnel is running and I am ssh'd from my work desk to a home SLES machine.

  At work, I can ping devices to .9, but three of the same devices do not respond to ping from the VPN.  I also cannot telnet to an AIX server from the VPN.  (The AIX server is one of the devices that does not respond to ping.)

  I can telnet from home to my desk at work.

  I do not have an idea where to look to solve my access problems to the AIX machine.

  Thanks,  Jim

    work net                      home net
   10.0.0.x                  192.168.233.y

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