[clug] X10 Home Automation + Linux

Brian Morris brian at netspeed.com.au
Wed Nov 9 19:54:03 GMT 2005

Hi Matt,

Not sure how you have gone with your X10 project, I hope it is working out 
well for you.

I decided to go for C-BUS in my new place and it has been quite an 
'experience'.  Suffice to say that it's like 'toys -r-us' for hackers like 
me but even the commercial products tend to have some ghosts in the machine.

Nevertheless, my house won NECA 'House of the Year' this year for its home 
automation work.  I'd be happy to show you around one day if your interested 
in what I've done.


Brian Morris

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> Hi All,
> I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with X10 home automation
> style products, and their interaction with Linux?
> I'm looking into some retro-fit units from www.eon3.com.au (see links
> below), and they have a url which points to some free software for it's
> control (http://heyu.tanj.com/heyu2/index.html).  The prices don't seem 
> too
> bad for the hardware; providing it works as documented, it seems like
> something that would be fun and should in theory be quite easy to interact
> with a PC + linux in a realtime situation.
> If anyone can share their experience with either X10 (or similar) and 
> linux,
> or any good/bad feedback from eon3 it would be appreciated.
> The products i'm looking at playing with:
> Basic starter setup (PC interface, lamp and appliance module, cable, 
> windoze
> software)
> http://www.eon3.com/content/products/product-detail.asp?intProductID=1
> Bayonet light kit (bayonet light fitting, RF transceiver interface, remote
> control)
> http://www.eon3.com/content/products/product-detail.asp?intProductID=290
> Thanks, and appreciate any feedback/experience people have to offer,
> Matt
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