[clug] Laptop to go into suspend-to-ram.

Arafangion thestar at fussycoder.id.au
Sun Nov 6 08:44:07 GMT 2005

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005 07:33 pm, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Arafangion wrote:
> > I do have a button on the laptop that I feel that could be used to enter
> > suspend-to-ram, however I am not sure how one maps the key to a command.
> It probably generates an ACPI event which you can configure acpid to
> listen for and start a shell script.  You can run acpi_listen to find
> out what events it's giving and then twiddle /etc/acpi/ appropriately.

Thankyou. That should be enough for me to get it going. Indeed, I believe it 
does generate an ACPI event as it currently blanks the screen (But does 
nothing else)

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