[clug] Laptop to go into suspend-to-ram.

Arafangion thestar at fussycoder.id.au
Sun Nov 6 08:19:31 GMT 2005

I am trying to make my laptop do suspend-to-ram.

Closing the screen does nothing (Also does nothing in windows)

Opening the screen, however, does successfully get _out_ of suspend-to-ram.

I do have a button on the laptop that I feel that could be used to enter 
suspend-to-ram, however I am not sure how one maps the key to a command.

I cannot get the keycode by pressing ^V<key>, so some howto or suggestion 
would be appreciated.

The laptop is an Asus V6V, and the key in question is the "Power4 Gear", which 
switches between power modes in windows, such as battery mode, movie mode, 
games mode, and so on.  It appears to be physically separated from the 

If that cannot be mapped, I'd like to know how one could map Fn+F2 (Aka 'Zz'), 
however if even that doesn't work, I'd like to map Ctrl+F2.

The laptop does successfully enter and leave suspend-to-ram, via echo -n 3 | 
tee /proc/acpi/sleep

Thankyou for any suggestions.

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